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New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program Confidential Help page


Confidential help ... for lawyers, from lawyers



There is no need to risk your license, livelihood, reputation or family.

 Whatever the problem, you do not have to
manage it alone.



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Confidential help for NJ attorneys is always available from the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program.  On this site. we've brought together helpful articles, links and resources on topics related to addiction, depression, gambling and other issues, with the special focus on how these issues affect those in the practice of law. If you need immediate assistance, call us at 800-246-5527. Not in New Jersey? See: Your Local Lawyers Assistance Program

Links to helpful articles and resources on this site:




Are you a New Jersey lawyer, judge, paralegal or other professional in career transition, or thinking about a change?

NJLAP hosts a special networking group for you where the goal is not only providing you with help and advice, but also getting help and advice from you for other group members. Interested? Call NJLAP at 800-246-5527.

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